image_leftpanelsausagesAll Great Garnetts sausages are made here on the farm, fresh and by hand.

We only use wholesome cuts of pork, and our sausages have a natural balance of fat to lean…no extra fat added to bulk the meat out. All contain a minimum of 75% pork which we mince twice to ensure excellent texture.

The casings are natural too, and we link them by hand. We have a number of different kinds, for barbeques, for breakfasts, chipolatas, wholesome flavours for casseroles et…you name it, we have a sausage for it!

We make sausages every week, so they’re always fresh. Perfect to stock up your freezer.

TRADITIONAL PORK SAUSAGES, SECOND TO NONE..Great Garnetts are delighted to continue to use the famous, traditional pork sausage recipe associated with Saffron Walden since the early 1920′s which butchers Grayson & Start handed onto us in 2008. They are totally free from any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

These fantastic sausages are make from hand boned pure pork, with locally baked breadcrumbs and special mix of seasonings. They are hand tied by us in natural casings.